Friday 12 October 2012

Tiger-monkey + Paint = CHAOS

Tiger-monkey + Paint = CHAOS
School holidays here in the ACT are nearing an end, and I thought I'd share one of Tiger-monkey's projects we did during the first week. As you can see from the final product below - what she started with was nothing like the end product. The brush was ditched about a third of the way into the project, and she switched to the funnier popsicle sticks. That's when her shoes really started to look great!

She's quite (rightly) proud of these shoes - she wants to wear them already but they are too big. So they sit on a shelf where she can point at them proudly and remind me (yet again) that she painted her shoes. Right now she's stolen them off my desk where I'd set them to write this, stuck them on her feet, and is now happily colouring at her desk.

Tiger-monkey's Acrylic Painted Canvas Shoes

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Snuva said...

They are so cool!!