Sunday 21 October 2012

Invasion of the coloured waffles.

Waffles were on the menu for Sunday breakfast this morning, and after I'd seen a fun thing on Pinterest this past week that I thought was just too funny not to try. (Naturally, I didn't pin it, silly me!) The husband thought I was completely mental for wanting to try this, but Tiger-monkey simply LOVED it!

Coloured Waffle
The how-to is quite simple - make your waffle (or pancake) batter as you normally would. Then divide the batter into how many colours you will be making, and add food colouring. I have those awesome gel dyes that give everything brilliant colour, so we used those. 

Since this batch was more a proof of concept than anything overly fancy, we just did red, green and blue. Next time we'll make the red a bit darker, although it did turn out pretty good as a lighter shade.

Then just continue making your waffles/pancakes as you normally would. NOM!

Tiger-monkey eating her coloured waffles
Tiger-monkey, our quality tester.
That plate was full...

Tiger-monkey has this to say about breakfast: wwwwwd1fwfd1ff  fd fffffw wdsjfsdqw xgeedfedfs weddbhv!

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